#051 - Prometheus Review

In this episode, the Trolling with Logic crew reviews the 2012 sci-fi travesty “Prometheus,” aka “Erich von Däniken’s Wet Dream.” It’s the prequel to the classic sci-fi horror “Alien” franchise, but this time it’s not a wonderful Lovecraftian tale of blood, terror, entropy, and female empowerment. Instead, “Prometheus” is about an over-expository, scientifically-illiterate mess of a movie that features a spaceship full of god-botherers who don’t understand how carbon-dating works and a misanthropic android who embark on a voyage to a distant planet to unravel the mystery of where humans came from.
To discover the answer, which would make even Michael Tellinger blush in embarrassment, our heroes must discover for themselves the spiritual joy of natural xeno-child birth. And also the terror of only being able to run in a straight line when running from a rolling donut-shaped alien spacecraft.

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