Consumed – Movie Review Are we too old for all this GMO shit? Microblogganism and Cal certainly aren’t as they look at the 2016 anti-gmo drama “Consum...View Details

Why People Reject Evidence, According to Matthew Facciani What are some of the social and psychological factors which lead people to reject evidence t...View Details

What is the public not understanding about GM foods that creates the significant gap between scientists and the public in how each views biotechnology...View Details

What is race? Where did the concept of biological races come from, and does it make any logical or scientific sense? What does the history of human mi...View Details

The Hormone Myth – How many times have you heard a woman be dismissed as “hormonal”, or her rationality be questioned, because of assumed endocrine im...View Details

What can a reincarnating Time Lord who gallivants across time and space in a 1950s-era police box whilst battling evil robots and aliens teach us abou...View Details

#052 - Mister Kent Hovind

In this episode of Trolling with Logic, the crew takes a hard look at the magical world of young-earth creationism, as envisioned by everyone’s favori...View Details

#051 - Prometheus Review

In this episode, the Trolling with Logic crew reviews the 2012 sci-fi travesty “Prometheus,” aka “Erich von Däniken’s Wet Dream.” It’s the prequel to ...View Details

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